At any time, our store is filled with a variety of finished works, project pieces, and vintage items that are in stunning original shape.  We stay stocked with dressers, chests, and desks, but don't shy away from an occasional dining set, end table, or headboard.  We believe that one of a kind furniture doesn't need to be expensive, and have a range of pieces for every budget.

We also do custom work on existing pieces that you already own.  Many customers have been ready to give up on a wood set they have at home because it isn't the look they desire anymore, and we've been able to bring new life to a tired our outdated bedroom suite.

If you have a project idea or are looking for a specific piece of decor, please feel free to get in touch with us through the contact tab!  

Finished Pieces

We often have many finished pieces in our inventory, but they go fast!  The showroom has a constantly rotating selection.

Candles and Gifts

We also stock a range of sizes and scents from Milkhouse Candle Co, all in great reusable mason jars and butter jars.


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